Why Should I Have Experienced Counsel Draft My Documents?

Legal Expertise

Business continuation planning involves complex legal considerations, including business structures, tax implications, regulatory compliance, and estate planning. An experienced business planning attorney has the knowledge and expertise to navigate these legal intricacies and ensure that the documentation complies with applicable laws and regulations


Every business is unique, with its goals, structures, and dynamics. An experienced attorney can tailor the business continuation documentation to meet the business owner’s and business’s specific needs and circumstances. They can take into account factors such as the owner’s wishes, the business’s financial situation, the involvement of family members or partners, and any specific legal or tax considerations.

Comprehensive Approach

Business continuation planning involves multiple legal aspects, such as buy-sell agreements, shareholder or partnership agreements, insurance policies, estate planning, and other concerns. An attorney can provide a comprehensive approach by ensuring that all relevant legal documents are properly drafted and coordinated to work together effectively. This helps create a cohesive and robust business continuation plan that covers all necessary areas.

Minimizing Legal Risks

Inadequate or poorly drafted business continuation documentation can lead to legal disputes, financial losses, and complications. By engaging an experienced attorney, business owners can minimize legal risks and potential pitfalls. The attorney will carefully draft and review the documentation, identify any potential issues, and help address them proactively, reducing the likelihood of disputes or legal challenges in the future.

Compliance and Adherence to Changing Laws

Laws and regulations related to business planning, taxation, and estate planning can change over time. An attorney specializing in business planning stays current with these changes and ensures that the business continuation documentation complies with the latest legal requirements. This helps protect the business owner’s interests and ensures that the plan remains effective and legally valid in the long term.

Guidance and Counsel

An experienced business planning attorney can provide valuable guidance and counsel throughout the business continuation planning process.
They can explain legal concepts, present various options, and help the business owner make informed decisions based on their unique circumstances. The attorney’s expertise and perspective can offer valuable insights and ensure that the business owner clearly understands the implications and benefits of different planning

Peace of Mind

Engaging an experienced business planning attorney provides peace of mind for the business owner. Knowing that the business continuation documentation has been professionally drafted, reviewed, and aligned with legal requirements gives confidence that the business and the owner’s interests are protected. This peace of mind lets the business owner focus on running the business
and ensures that their wishes and intentions will be properly executed.

The Takeaway

Involving an experienced business planning attorney in drafting business continuation documentation is essential to benefit from their legal expertise, ensure customization and compliance, minimize legal risks, stay up to date with changing laws, receive guidance and counsel, and have peace of mind knowing that the plan is comprehensive and robust.

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